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Rosie Hearts: First Part Finale
Loathing. Unadulterated loathing. For what? Her face—the face of evil. Her voice—the voice that makes lions meow in cowardice. Let’s just say she loathed it all. But how could she stand it? Cora was a terror, a witch, a menace. Some might say that ginger was some kind of martyr. Well, these things were meant to try us, were they not?
She turned to her side, her only escape seemed to be through dreams. She wished her father was here, he’d know what to do.
“No Ginger,” she sighed to herself. “Don’t wish, don’t start, wishing only wounds the heart – if I only had one.” Her heart, she remembered, was in the custody of cora. It was doomed.
“So, lass, how’s life treating ya?” came the Captain’s voice.
“Leave me alone, Hook.”
“I wish I could, but I have orders to keep an eye on you.”
“I don’t need a babysitter!”
“Feisty girl, ain’tcha!” he chuck
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Rosie Hearts Chapt. 5
Cora made another trip down to the abandoned room.
“Little Miss Muffet
Thought she could tough it
Sitting in her cell all day.
When along came that spider,
Whom long ago did hide her,
Now asked: ‘How is Hell treating you today?’”
Rose rolled her eyes. “The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water spout. Down came the rain and washed the spider out. Out came the sun and dried up all the rain, but does she regret, long ago, that the spider and her were ever friends?”
Cora glared at her. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“You should. I knew you when you were just the miller’s daughter. That girl was my best friend. What have you done with her?”
“I’ve done nothing, only made her realize her true potential. She was weak, now she is strong.”
“If that’s what you believe, then my friend is dead. Long live the Queen,” she muttered distastefully.
“You’re a pathetic
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Rosie Hearts Chapt. 4
“Why are you doing this? What did I ever do to you to make you hate me so?” Ginger demanded, tears rolling down her face.
Cora’s smirk was as devious as ever – pure evil.
“My dear,” she hissed, gripping Ginger’s hair. “You can thank your mother for that.”
“Where is she?” she whimpered.
“Nowhere important. Please, dear child, it’d do you good to forget everything about your mother.”
A chill went through her spine. Tiny voices whispered in her ear, telling her to forget, but she strained to hang on.
“What have you d-done to her?”
“Gingerbread, sweetie, why do you care? She lied to you.”
“My mother would never lie to me,” Ginger protested.
“Foolish girl,” Cora chuckled, “you really are too nice for your own good. Don’t worry, I’ll fix that right away. Now, dear Gingerbread, please go make me some dinner.”
// Cora grinned upon Ginger
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Rosie Hearts Chapt. 3
// Cora appeared on Drury Lane. How familiar this all was to her. She did her best to blend in with the commoners, though she couldn’t stand it in the least. She passed by the bakery, smiling softly at a memory she remembered quite vividly, but alas, love is weakness. She had more important things to do.
There it was, the old cottage. She couldn’t believe they still lived there, although their only other option was an old stinky shoe – her doing of course.
Rosie should be gone by now, she hoped. With a wave of her hand, she disguised herself as Rose. Cora smiled seeing that her usual dark brown hair was now a silky ginger. Her cheek bones were firmer and higher.
‘I am Rose Myrtle Butler.’ Her voice had a charming Scottish, almost Irish, accent. Perfect. Now to move on to the next step. She saw the little girl out in the yard putting some bread in the brick oven.
He was there, too.
Cora’s skin tingled – it was the equivalent to a person’s
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Rosie Hearts Chapt 2
// Ten years passed since their last encounter, and Cora was as bitter as ever. She had been trying to think of how to get her revenge on Rosie, but that wasn’t the only thing that plagued her mind. He was in her thoughts, too.
How could she take him away from me? she continuously thought. Had their friendship meant nothing to her? What could she possibly do to make sure she suffered? She couldn’t kill him, that’d break her heart more than Rosie’s. It’s not like they—wait…yes, yes of course. It’s been ten years, they must have a family by now.
Her sly grin returned.
‘Rumplestiltskin, let me discuss the terms of a new deal.’
‘Yes, yes of coursssse,’ the imp hissed, rubbing his scaly hands together.
Rumplestiltskin put his hand on his hip, curling his index smartly along his jaw-line. ‘So, you want my help to destroy this girl’s happiness?’
‘Yes, I want her to suffer dearly.’
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Rosie Hearts chapt. 1
Cora sat on her throne with a gargoyle stare – rigid and unmoving. She lowered her mask and turned to Hook.
“Captain, go upstairs and keep an eye on the little vermin,” she instructed.
“Yes, your majesty,” he said with a bow. “May I ask what you will be doing?”
“I’m just going to visit an old friend. I won’t be long.”
She got up from her stage and headed up to the western corridor. It had been blocked off for a time ever since that wretched little Alice girl barged in, ruining her croquet game.
The walls were mostly bare except for the remains of the red-heart wallpaper that was starting to peel off from age. At the end of the hall was an almost empty room. A large round table sat at its center, and right behind it was a mouse-hold sized door.
On the table was a vial filled with red liquid; a note was attached to it that read: ‘Drink Me.’ Cora drank the contents and soon she was three inches tall. She str
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Rosie Hearts Prologue
‘Why doesn’t she love me? Aren’t I enough?
‘Oh, sweetheart! Don’t ever question a mother’s love.’
“True love is the most powerful magic of all, dearie.”
“Don’t underestimate me. There’s a lot you don’t know.”
“Who was that girl anyway?” Ginger asked, licking the blood from her fingers.
“Why don’t we find out?”
“There’s no way you could’ve known.”
“Regina, I ate my sister!”
“Violet…look at me.”
“I don’t know who I am anymore.”
“Your heart belongs to me now…and if you ever try to turn on me all I have to do is squeeze.”
‘There’s no such thing as innocence. It’s a mask that hides the dark person underneath.’
‘You should know by now that I can’ be trusted.’
‘Little Miss Muffet
Sat on a tuffet
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Through the Looking Glass FINALE
Regina slid down to her knees, in tears, clutching her mirror to her chest. After everything she did, everything she had to do to get Violet back to her, had gone to waste. She had lost her because her mother had taken her away again.
// ‘Okay, I’m here Cora. Now, hand over my mother,’ Ginger demanded.
‘Oh, right. Well, about your mother…I lied. She’s somewhere deep in Wonderland where you’ll never find her,’ she chuckled.
Ginger clenched her teeth. ‘What about our deal?!’
‘Gingerbread, darling, you should know by now that I can’t be trusted.’
She hung her head. How could she be so foolish?
‘Here’s something that might make you feel better:
Little Miss Muffet
Sat on a tuffet
Eating her curds and whey.
When along came a spider
Who sat down beside her
And locked Little Miss Muffet away.’
Ginger lunged forward, ready to strangle Cora, but the Queen pushed her back, grabbing her by the throa
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Through the Looking Glass Chapt. 8
“Ginger? Ginger…are you okay?” came a familiar voice.
“G-ginger?” the girl grinned, still a little groggy. “I haven’t gone by Ginger since I was nine.”
A spark of hope twinkled in the woman’s eye. “Violet, is it really you?”
“How many Violets do you know?”
“Violet! You’re back! I thought I had lost you.”
“You could never lose me, my sweet Little Gina.”
//“Awww, isn’t this sweet?”\\
Regina held Violet close. “Mother, leave us alone. You have no business here so be gone, before I personally drop a house on you.”
//”Cute,” Cora chuckled. “But your threats don’t scare me.”\\
“Why can’t you let me live my life for once?!”
//”Because, Regina, it isn’t your life. It’s mine. I made you who you are: A queen. I’m not going to let you throw your life away for a filthy urchin.”\\
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Through the Looking Glass Chapt. 7
// ‘Now, is that what you wanted to see?’ the voice kept taunting.
‘Stop it.’
‘Oh, my dear, it gets better.’ \\
Ginger walked slowly into the throne room. She bowed before the Queen. “Your Majesty, maybe you can help me.”
The respected Queen removed her mask revealing a look of intrigue. “Of all the people you could’ve asked, you come to me?” she smirked. “How interesting.”
“I have no one else to turn to.”
“Well, then I should consider myself lucky. Please, what is it you need, Gingerbread?”
“The curse you put on me,” she began, “it’s made me do something…horrible.”
The Queen smirked. “Horrible you say?”
“Well, I can’t take away your curse, if that’s what you want me to do.”
“No, I had something else in mind.”
Her brow made a perfect arch. “I’m listening.”
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Through the Looking Glass Chapt 6
“Who was that girl anyway?” Ginger wondered, licking the blood from her fingers.
Regina’s dark smile returned. “Why don’t we find out?” She took Ginger by her shoulders and stood her before the mirror. “Mirror, show us the girl’s parents.” The mirror rippled, blurring the image. As the image became clearer, Ginger saw two people.
They were weeping miserably. Ginger peered closer and couldn’t believe her eyes. The mother. The mother had long, ginger-colored hair that was so beautiful it looked as if it was spun by Rumplstiltskin himself. And that smile…as bright as the sun.
Ginger’s hand covered her mouth.
Regina smirked. “Something wrong, dear?”
“I-I…I know who that woman is.”
“My mother,” she replied, tears welling up.
“So then…the girl—“
A look of sheer terror overcame ginger. She whipped herself around, the tears cascaded dow
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Through the Looking Glass Chapt. 5
Ginger licked her fingers clean, now settling down in front of the fire where a pile of bones resided.
“I told you two you’d pay for what you had done,” she said to the bones as if they were still alive.
The Queen was still in shock. “That was…”
“Vulgar? Surprising? Horrid?”
“Excuse me?”
“That was simply…thrilling to watch. The way you drank their blood from their throats as if from a goblet,” Regina sighed deeply, reliving it. “You’ve impressed me, Ginger.”
“Of course, my Queen. Did you expect anything less?”
Regina lowered her chin with a smirk. “Not at all. I could use you in my mission to get rid of a devious enemy who still thinks that she’s safe.”
“You know very well that I’m up for the task.”
“Indeed, and as a reward for your loyalty, I’ll bring you a special meal.”
Ginger’s eyes widene
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Through the Looking Glass chapt. 4
“Welcome to my castle, darling.”
The young woman wandered in, looking in amazement at the luxurious mansion.
The fair woman smiled. “Do you know who I am?”
She shook her head. “No, not the faintest idea.”
She frowned. “Oh, my dear, I am the Queen. Queen Regina.”
Her eyes widened. “A queen. My apologies, your Majesty,” she curtsied.
“Apology not accepted. But you do amuse me, so I will let it slide this once. Do you mind telling me your name?”
“Ginger, your Majesty.”
“A delightful name, Ginger.”
“I think so, too—“
“Did I ask what you thought?”
“No,” she said quietly and lowered her head.
The Queen couldn’t help but laugh. “I like you, Ginger. Your loyalty amuses me.”
Their conversation was cut short when two guards brought in two children.
“Your Majesty,” one of them said, “the urchins have returned.”
Queen Re
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Through the Looking Glass Chapt. 3
“It’s the only way to bring you back. Forgive me.”
Ginger saw Regina’s lips move, but it was like someone had hit the mute button. That was when everything went black…
She opened her eyes. Her sight was welcomed by a brilliance of green shrubbery. Confused, she started looking for a way out. A distant neighing broke the silence. She followed the sound and found herself on a dirt path…nearly being smushed by oncoming hooves.
The horse was leading the carriage of what appeared to be a wealthy and noble visitor. The door opened and out stepped a fair beauty in a flowing, deep violet gown that almost resembled leather. Her dark locks were poofed up on the side, all under a hat that was of the same material as the dress. The woman scowled at the sight of the intruder.
“What are you doing in my forest?” the woman snapped.
“Oh, this is your forest? I’m very sorry. I didn’t mean to intrude. You see—“
“Stop ta
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Through the Looking Glass Chapter 2
// “Just why are we bringing this…lovely creature with us?”
“Captain, she’s very important to my plan. You see, my dear friend Ginger has been away from her for far too long.”\\
“You can’t be serious.”
“Oh, but I am,” he chuckled. “Do you have any other bright ideas?”
“Shut up.”
// “Your Majesty, just how is a mirror supposed to help us?”
“Very simply. It’s a magic mirror. Now I can see exactly what my daughter is up to and I’ll know the exact moment to pop in.”
“And the beautiful prisoner?”
“Patience, Captain, patience.”\\
Sheriff Swan opened her door, and was nearly surprised to see who it was. “Regina?”
“Hi…Miss Swan.”
“What brings you here?” she asked sharply.
“I just need to ask you something: Do you still have the turnover I gave you?”
Miss Swan narrowed her gaze, crossed her a
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Through the Looking Glass Chapter 1
*    *    *    *
There was no stopping the tears that fell down her face. Her whole world just shattered right before her eyes.
“Madam, are you okay?” the girl asked.
Regina didn’t trust herself to answer. She knew she’d breakdown if she tried to open her mouth.
“We should get you home. I’ll make you an apple turnover.” She took the Mayor’s hand and helped her up.
Regina pulled her down, grabbed her face, kissed her gently, and looked into her eyes. “Do you know who I am?”
The girl gave a funny grin. “Of course I do. You’re Madam Mayor Regina. But you do know that I never mix business with pleasure, Madam. I wouldn’t want to get between what you and Sheriff Graham have.”
“Who’s Violet?”
Regina’s eyes lowered, as did her hands into her lap. “No one…”
// “Do you have what I asked you to get?”
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Crazy - Azula by AlevBlack Crazy - Azula :iconalevblack:AlevBlack 79 15
There is no throne made of blood, only power.
Hola, everybody.
I am formally known as Regina, or 'Queen.Regina' of iSketch, the online Pictionary-type game that is -was- so bloody addictive. I'm an artist, writer, poet, cook, spiritualist, impressionist -and occupational-wise-a veterinary nurse. Rainbow-wise, I am also a lesbian. A Lebanese Lesbian. *chuckles* Make that also Filipina/Spanish. There's some Irish and Scottish floating around in there, but whatever.
There is nothing in this world I love more than animals, cats in particular of which I own 10 alongside 2 dogs, and for them all my heart is 1000 carats; but some people... not so much. And by said people I mean enemies. Everyone has them, and without them you are a shell. Perfection is an unknown illusion that compels the human ego, but at least dreams are free of charge. So are clouds.
Sometimes people in general just piss you off, and you'd rather just kick back in the middle of nowhere surrounded by a cute pack of hyenas. I wish I had an army of them like Scar, that'd
:iconmisty-masquerade:Misty-Masquerade 1 0
everyone looks at me as the evil queen... by the-evilqueen everyone looks at me as the evil queen... :iconthe-evilqueen:the-evilqueen 30 1 EFF 2013: The Evil Queen (Once Upon a Time) by AshleyBorst EFF 2013: The Evil Queen (Once Upon a Time) :iconashleyborst:AshleyBorst 16 11 This is not my hat by chibi-lilie This is not my hat :iconchibi-lilie:chibi-lilie 121 20 Beautiful by LivvieBrundle Beautiful :iconlivviebrundle:LivvieBrundle 31 2 Do the Pretty Girl Rock by Scarletteileen Do the Pretty Girl Rock :iconscarletteileen:Scarletteileen 15 0 Regina's dangerous to know by Scarletteileen Regina's dangerous to know :iconscarletteileen:Scarletteileen 21 0 An Apple Red as Blood by moonflower-lights An Apple Red as Blood :iconmoonflower-lights:moonflower-lights 18 4 The choice is yours - again by CalamityJade The choice is yours - again :iconcalamityjade:CalamityJade 28 6 Evil Regal by LostUponAWalkingDead Evil Regal :iconlostuponawalkingdead:LostUponAWalkingDead 26 7 I will always save you, I promise. by haryalcuile I will always save you, I promise. :iconharyalcuile:haryalcuile 69 7 Stay by LadyofSnow Stay :iconladyofsnow:LadyofSnow 109 8 Tiger by keket1976 Tiger :iconkeket1976:keket1976 2 2 Emma Swan's VW bug by keket1976 Emma Swan's VW bug :iconkeket1976:keket1976 3 0 Once Upon a Time gift box build by keket1976 Once Upon a Time gift box build :iconkeket1976:keket1976 17 2



Aurora West
United States
I am a Broadway fanatic. I love to write: Fanfictions, plays, novels. I am currently interested in the Musical Wicked, as well as the Wicked Series by Gregory Maguire. I am currently writing a Fanfiction as a sequel series called Return to Oz: Memories Lost and Found. I know that Return to Oz is the title of the second book in the Wizard of Oz series, but a lot of books have the same name as other stories, just different characters and whatnot. I am also currently writing the sequel to the first fanfic I have finished a few weeks ago. More surprises and more...everything.

lol well I am in an AMAZING relationship with my girlfriend whom I wouldn't trade for the world.

[ This bio needs to be updated like badly xD but yeah there you go. ]

I just saw the most amazing, OZtastic, SWANKIFIED show EVER! over the weekend. Yes, none other than the musical WICKED! I've been wanting to see this play since I was 14 (almost 4 years ago) and now that I've seen it, I couldn't be happier (THANK GOODNESS).

It was such a great experience, I had a hard time believing I was actually there. But I was and it was so...I can't even think of a word so I'll say SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS! The cast was OZsome and hilarious. My gosh, Galinda was just....SO PERKY AND GIDDY during Popular. I want to see it again for sure.


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